An American Book Series by Gloria Waldron Hukle

Local author Gloria Waldron Hukle has announced the anticipated publication date for the fourth in her series chronicling a fictionalized version of the Waldron family, early Dutch settlers in New York State. Her first three:
Book One – “Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple”  Begins in 1653 in Holland, follows the Waldron family to Lower Manhattan,  120 houses in New Amsterdam, a log wall, a fort, ruled by the Dutch, sixteen languages heard on the streets.  These were but a few of America’s first immigrants.  This is their story.
Book Two- “Threads an American Tapestry”  Begins 1723 New York-   This is the story of Margaret Vandenberg, half Native American, Half Dutch, Margaret is both loved and hated for reasons that haven’t changed among humankind since time began. (New York and Pennsylvania settings)
Book Three- “The Diary of a Northern Moon”  A story set in 1976 in Albany and  the New York Adirondack Mountains ( Lake George, North Creek ), threads through Waldron family lore opens up past secrets, wounds that should have been healed years ago. A murder at Lake George forces the truth.
And the highly anticipated:
Book Four- NEW  and due out in fall 2016- Two fathers and sons, separated by centuries- leave a legacy- more expanded synopsis of this upcoming new novel- the final book of the series can be viewed at

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