Way back in March, when we were trying hard to say good-bye to winter and welcome the warmer months, I announced the completion of my third novel. The title then was Gram and Me. Fast forward past spring and summer, after multiple critiques and edits, the resulting complete overhaul included a new title!


Shooting Star 3 (2)

 A family struck by tragedy is forced to rebuild their lives around a new mold.

Sarah Crawford’s family vacationed every summer with her beloved Gram and Gramps. Every day was a fun adventure, but Sarah’s favorite was their special night of star catching, with Gramps and her dad. On the last night of vacation, Sarah overhears her grandparents saying how much they look forward to selling their house and traveling unencumbered after Gram retires.

When an accident on their way to the airport kills Sarah’s parents and brother, Marian and Ed cope with grief and the unanticipated responsibility of raising Sarah. Sarah’s recovery is complicated by guilt over ruining her grandparents’ plans. She decides she must return to Washington, to the home she shared with her parents Precocious academically, in her immaturity she doesn’t grasp the unrealistic nature of her goal and the dangers of her attempts to achieve it.

It’s a cozy, if sometimes tearful, family love story, sort of in the Hallmark movie tradition. It’s also suitable for YA readers. It is told in the voices of Sarah and Marian (Gram).

And now I’m excited to announce that it has entered the final stages of the publishing process and will debut in early November!

Watch for updates and details on availability!


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