STAR CATCHING Now Available for Pre-order!

I received word yesterday that STAR CATCHING in paperback is now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for pre-order! E-book availability will follow in a few weeks. Here is the back cover description:

Sarah Crawford, her parent, and baby brother vacation every summer with her beloved grandparents. Her favorite activity is a special night of star catching with Gramps and her dad. On a summer night like many others, she overhears her grandparents talking about how much they are looking forward to retirement, selling their house, and traveling. The next day, however, everything changes. Sarah’s parents and brother are killed in a car accident on the way to the airport and Sarah is gravely injured. It’s touch and go, but Sarah gradually recovers. Sarah, a smart girl, feels guilty that she’s ruined her grandparents’ retirement dreams and comes up with a plan of her own when they are forced to go back to Washington to sell her family’s home. A custody hearing with her other grandparents, who have not been part of her life, complicates matters but may be the answer she’s looking for. When that doesn’t lead to an automatic stay in Washington, Sarah takes matters into her own hands and sets out on a cold, dark night to her best friend’s house. She escapes dangers on the street and police officers take her home. It’s only in the face of how much more they could have lost that her grandparents realize their dreams–now changed–may come true after all. Star Catching, an unforgettable young adult novel, shares the tender story of a family struck by tragedy that discovers what is truly important, just in time for Christmas.

Early readers of Star Catching have agreed that the story, while a young adult format, would be of equal interest to young parents and grandparents!

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