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Autumn Colors


Married 20 years to Charles, a research scientist, Kerry Waite is reasonably content with her life, except for autumn, when all she can focus on is how different her life would have been with Tom. Tom died in a car crash nearly thirty years ago.

A letter from Tom’s sister informs her that Tom’s mother has died, and a memorial service is planned. The finality of the woman’s death opens old wounds and thrusts her into the past. She recalls her relationship with Tom as it struggled and grew into a deep love, only to lose him when they were about to be married.

Kerry chooses to go to the memorial alone, leaving behind a hurt and angry Charles. By the end of Mrs. Crandall’s memorial service, she realizes her tears are not so much for Mrs. Crandall as her unwept tears for Tom. After the ceremony at the gravesite, where Tom also is buried, Kerry stays behind as the others drive off. It’s time to have closure with the past.

Driving home, Kerry senses a new lightness of spirit. For twenty years, her memories of Tom have blinded her to the fullness of her love for Charles. But the house is eerily quiet when she arrives home. A note from Charles tells her he’s gone to visit his friend Andy in NYC and to rethink their relationship. He’s tired of being cut out of her life. When Kerry calls Andy’s apartment, Charles refuses to talk to her. Has she repeated the same pattern of aloofness with her husband that had marred her relationship with Tom for so long? Will she now lose Charles at the moment when she finally recognizes the depth of her love for him?


This talented author knows how to evoke emotion, so much so that delving into her work hurts…Autumn Colors is an enlightening, though often aching, reflection on young love brought to a catastrophic end and a poignant description of spiritual healing. Expect more from this gifted writer.

Rated Four Stars (out of Five)
Julia Ann Carpenter
ForeWord Clarion Review

…The author does an excellent job steering us through the emotional highs and lows of Kerry’s life and leaves us grateful she finally realizes happiness was in front of her nose all the time…

Rated Four Hearts (out of Five)
Bob Spear, Publisher & Chief Reviewer
Heartland Reviews

…Lajeunesse tells the story via individual vignettes, and these snapshots make the book a compelling read. While Kerry might not be the most accessible individual, her friends are worth getting to know. This is a solid portrait of a middle-class baby boomer in turmoil. The men in Kerry’s life try to break down her barriers, a journey which can be trying for readers but is ultimately worth experiencing.

Kirkus Reviews