DawnDawn's FatherI grew up in Troy, NY, the daughter of an Armenian I grew up in Troy, NY, the daughter of an Armenian “meat and grocery” man and a stay-at-home mom. We lived in the city, but I developed an early love of rural life through frequent visits to my cousins’ home in the country and summers spent at an overnight YWCA camp. I took dance lessons happily and was dragged kicking and screaming to piano lessons. Eight years of lessons, and I can barely play.

I went to public schools and hoped to turn my love of English into a writing career. My guidance counselor told me I needed to be able to take care of myself in case I never married. In those days, most girls became a nurse or a teacher. Since my sister was a teacher, I chose nursing. I never made it through surgery without passing out. Great career planning, huh?

cde2191bfc05feaabb724904e518380bI’ve been married to Dennis for over half my lifetime now, fortunate to have found a man who is a great friend and playmate, in addition to the usual husbandly roles. He also cooks and does the grocery shopping! We lead active lives, frequenting the gym, biking, running, canoeing and cross-country skiing. I’m an avid animal lover, and doubt I’ll ever write a novel that doesn’t include them. Meanwhile, I lavish love and attention on my Border Terrier, Nala.

After years in the health care field, I finally pursued my writing passion. I published my first novel, Autumn Colors, after my fiftieth birthday, followed a few years later by In Her Mother’s Shoes. Star Catching makes its debut in November 2016. I enjoy creating stories from ordinary lives, about relationships, families, friendships and other life connections. What’s next? There are so many stories swirling in my head, I won’t know for sure until one rises close enough to the surface to start spilling out onto a page.