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Journey of a Writer

I grew up in Troy, NY, the daughter of an Armenian "meat and grocery" man and stay-at-home mom. We lived in the city, but I developed an early love of rural life through time spent with my cousins in the country and at an overnight YWCA camp. I took dance classes happily and was dragged kicking and screaming to piano lessons.

I went to public schools and hoped to turn my love of English into a writing career. My guidance counselor prodded me toward a more practical goal. I chose nursing. I never made it through surgery (or anything bloody) without passing out. Fortunately, there are other options for using a nursing degree besides actual bedside nursing.

I've been married to Dennis for over half my life now, fortunate to have found a man who is a great friend and playmate. He also cooks and does the grocery shopping! We lead active lives, frequenting the gym, canoeing, and lots of walking. I'm an avid animal lover, and my first four novels included dogs. We adopted our current four-legged lover, a frisky Russell Terrier named Dubby, in 2018 when he was two years old.

After years in the healthcare field, I finally pursued my writing passion. I've completed five novels and published four. Currently, I'm immersed in research for a historical novel about Armenian Americans—those who came to America to escape the massacres by the Ottoman Turks and Kurds and established homes and a church in Troy, NY.